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Cosmic Storm $7.99

Our Bloodline Has Returned ... Queen your essence, the frequency of your electrical powers, charges me up when it’s the perfect moment to intercourse the
canal to your inner core—to the path that leads to your very soul. Heavenly stars begin to fall, even the moon turns blood red ...

Poet and artist Quinton Veal has returned and he's bringing the fire! Cosmic Storm is a delicious medley of erotica, Afrofuturism and romance, guaranteed to satisfy the reader's mind, body and soul. Get swept up in Quinton's Cosmic Storm.


Scierogenous: An Anthology of Science Fiction and Fantasy

The Scierogenous II Anthology has landed with a collection just for readers with a taste for erotic science fiction and fantasy. Catch a virus with a delicious effect on its unsuspecting crew ... Meet cyborgs who mesh with willing hosts ... travel alongside a werewolf and vampire with a taste for blood … and each other. These and other sensuously twisted tales are waiting for readers in Scierogenous II. Take the journey; it will blow your funky circuits.

Scierogenous II $11.99 

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The hunt is on. Constables are being possessed by daemons, an unarmed black man is killed by an officer, and Mona takes on a mysterious--and possibly dangerous--client. Mona, Junebug and Curtis must unite once more to set things right, to save their cites ... and Mona's life.

Mona Livelong $14.00