"This volume has love, tenderness... and of course raw, delicious sex..."





Pussy, Whipped Cream and Cherries (excerpt)




You’ll never be bored from all the things I like


to do to you


when nights arrive like tonight


let me give you soothing kisses on your back


and up and down your spine baby




I love to kiss your red bone complexion


all over from head to toe


your sexy thighs




I love rubbing and caressing your pussy


you love giving it all to me


I like to give you nothing but royal service




Grip the bed sheets when you start to feel me


making your pussy happy


the way I lick it and kiss it and suck it


is the kind of treatment you love me


giving to you all night long.




I love to grab your tits and suck on them


so very nicely reach down into my boxer’s baby


and find just what you're looking for


don’t be scared – my dick is all yours.




I love how you hold it in your hands


you can see the veins from it being so rock hard


do you want me to put it in you?




You know you can’t wait for how I make your pussy feel.


feel my tongue searching your sweet wet tunnel


when the lights are off in the bedroom


how does it feel?


Copyright 2012 Quinton Veal all rights reserved.

Cover art and illustrations by Quinton Veal Copyright 2012 all rights reserved.